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Compact Alignment Stage Specification

1. Alignment drive of X, Y, Θ axis combination
2. Compact Size
3. High-precision implementation of 3D Encoder option
4. Provide total integrated system by using S / W and driver controller applying self-precision compensation control algorithm


Table Dimension(mm)200x200
Travel Range
(X/Y/Θ Direction) (#1)
±7 mm / ±7 mm or ±6º
Travel GuideB/S Φ8 Lead 1mm,
Integrated Ball Guide
Resolution(mm)0.002/Pulse(Full Step)
Maximun Speed10mm/sec(5kHz)
Ballscrew Grade (#2)C5 (C7)
Accuracy (#2)10(12)μm
Uni-Repeatability (#2)±0.5(±1.5)μm
Bi-Repeatability (#2)±4(±8)μm
Running Parallelism(mm)0.01
Load Capacity(kg)50
Motor Model (#3)17HD4022-10N
(2P Bi-Polar STEP Motor)
Drive/Controller Model (#4)MMDC-ST466
Connector Spec.HR-10A-10J-12P(Male)(HRS)
Sensor1 Home Sensor, 2 Limit Sensor
(DC5~24V Input Voltage,
NPN Open Collector Output)

# 1 : Θ's specification can be changed according to X/Y's travel range 

# 2 : Ball screw grade is choosable. C7 precise specification is within parentheses

# 3 : Standard Motor is 2 Phase Step Motor. 

      Motor(AC Servo Motor 50W, 100W, 5 Phase Step Motor) can be changed according to customer's requirment

#4 : 4 Axis Drive / Controller is optional